Mt Taranaki

Even after ten years,  I still find Mt Taranaki's moods quite stunning, Some of these were taken from my house and others are from drives around the mountain to look for different compositions.

The mountain's volcanic hills called the Pouakai Ranges.


Wednesday around the World

From the Mangamingi Saddle (a local word for 'pass'), this is part of the town of Mangamingi.
I cannot, for the life of me, find any kind of information about this place!

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archived goodies

I caught this pigeon watching us as we walked up the Hawera water tower.

You don't usually see keruru (NZ pigeon) in the open very often but this one was 
checking out the view.

I have no idea what this fella/gal is but it seemed happy where it was.

I like the light on this rimu branch among the other forest vetetation. 
They grow over 61 meters high and live over 800 years.

This field of miniature forget-me-nots made me smile.

Sand grass



We drive by this building now and then and, each time, it make me smile.
It's not because it's a registered historic place--because it's not.
I smile because the owner had enough pride in the former Pihama Post Office to paint it and
keep it looking classy beside the road.



This archived shot is the view of the top of Mt. Taranaki from Wilkies Pools.

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nobody's home

In his wanderings while working, Hubby found these abandoned houses.

All the gates were tied shut so I took these from the walkway.


coastal photos

These photos are a great warm-up for me on this cold, wintry day.
I hope you like them as much as I do!


random bits of NZ

This is a redoubt tower at Manaia. Click to learn more.

The DOC did a wonderful job making an accessibility ramp up to  Wilkies Pools

'The Vicarage' in New Plymouth, built in 1845.

I took this photo in 2009, but....

it looks rather vintage in  black and white.